Press Release

Help Undiagnosed Children Foundation Receives Donation from the San Diego Chapter, International Association of Women (IAW). 

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Press Release:

Founder of the Help Undiagnosed Children Foundation, Dr. Wenhui Laura Li, Recognized with a Women of Achievement Award 

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Reviewers’ Choice Abstract from HUCF

HUCF has submitted a research abstract to the American Society of Human Genetics Conference 2016 at Vancouver, and its abstract has been selected as Reviewers’ Choice Abstract by American Society of Human Genetic Conference Committee

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From HUCF’s founder

Dr. Wenhui Laura Li’s Research on Gene Sequencing Helps Pediatric Patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, California 

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Free Genomic Testing

HUCF provides free genomic testing for sick children who do not have a diagnosis

HUCF provides free genomic testing for sick children whose families do not have the resources or medical insurance coverage to pay for the testing.  In some cases, funding may be available to pay for part of the cost of genetic testings, such as when families cannot afford a medical insurance “co-pay” amount. Contact us to see about free or partial funding for your child’s genetic testing.

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Next-Generation Sequencing

A peer-reviewed article on clinical Next-Generation sequencing from HUCF

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