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Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the Help Undiagnosed Children Foundation Collaborate Enabling Medical Diagnosis for Patient Castro. 

June 28, 2018, Arcadia, California- The Help Undiagnosed Children Foundation (hucf), announced that through the Foundation’s collaboration with physicians in the Division of Medical Genetics at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), that their pediatric patient, KC Castro, now has a specific medical diagnosis thanks in part to the hucf funding for the critical genetic testing she needed.

Since she was an infant, KC Castro has had medical issues. As a six-year-old, she has hearing and vision problems. With severe developmental delays, she does not speak or feed herself and stands but does not walk on her own. Although the genetic testing had been requested by her physician, such testing was denied by her health insurance and her family lacked the necessary resources to pay for the expensive testing. Upon review of KC Castro’s medical record, hucf stepped in to offer to pay for the genetic testing that she badly needed. Now that there is a diagnosis based on the results of her genetic test, CHLA doctors can finally customize her medical treatment to best address her array of medical issues to improve the quality of her life.

KC Castro is the first CHLA pediatric patient that hucf has funded for genetic testing. The Help Undiagnosed Children Foundation looks forward to ongoing collaborative efforts with CHLA, to help more sick children like KC Castro.

For Further Information Contact: Rachel Solenberger (619) 208-6535

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